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HOW TO USE TRAINING & TUTORIAL VIDEOS VOTE FOR Jessica. You just watched her audition above! Does your business or organization know how to use training videos for its employees? What about instructional tutorials for customers? Have you tried video? Annually, US organizations spend over $62 billion on training, while globally that figure rises to $135 billion. […]

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Internal Training Education Video Statistics

Internal Training Education Video Statistics to Know: 88% of missed opportunities were caused because sales couldn’t find or leverage internal resources In the case of L2RM (Lead to revenue management) platform improvements, video can be a game changer for a sales rep’s ability to close deals KISSmetrics reports that consumers are up to 85% more […]

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Training Compliance Video Services

Online Training Compliance Video Services and Professional Production   Whether you’re training current users on how to use a product or service, prospective clients on where to go on your website or creating an online training program for your business or nonprofit, Done In 60 has the tools to help you get it done with […]

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What Will Ads Look Like On Google TV? As many of you know, Google introduced Google TV a couple of weeks ago at its I/O developer conference. Details have been posted via Google blog post , intro video, and developer guide. The announcement featured grandiose sound-bytes like, “the best of TV and the best of the web in one seamless experience” and […]

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Branding Your VIDEO!

Hot Chicks Playing Tennis If you fell for the link above then… READ THIS! Good article. Very interesting. Branding can absolutely be achieved online via video. Viral videos are an interesting enigma and somewhat of a crap shoot as to their effectiveness. Depends primarily on their content and most importantly audience. Research indicates a […]

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